Add a New User

To add a new user you have click on the File menu, and then the User Management item, and then to Browse Users.
The listing of users will be displayed.
In this image the first administrator (Supervisor) is listed. In this example we will add an operator.
Click on the Add a new user to the list on the ribbon bar.
Add the users first and last names, and then enter a login code. This code will also act as their first password, but this can, and should, be changed later.
There are three levels of access. Supervisor, Operator, and No Access.
Supervisor has full access to all areas of the program.
Operator allows normal use of common features, but not configuration or setup options.
No Access is a setting that would deny that user access to any part of the program
Initial Access is a setting that allows supervisors to setup users, but not let them have access until you are ready.
The new operator has been added.
Using the other controls on the ribbon bar allows administrators to change details and delete old users.
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