Alternate Viewing of Client PDF Files

Alternate Viewing of Client PDF Files
You can also view the clients associated pdf files from a different perspective, where you can view the pdf file "on the fly".
Click on the Browse menu and select Browse Associated PDF Files by Client.
The window that now opens contains all of the pdf files in a list format, separated by each new client name.
As you select a file in the list, it will display the PDF file in the viewer on the right.
Just as you can in the usual client section, you can add, edit and delete files from being associated with a client, filter, add notes and view the file in a more comprehensive viewer.
If you change any of the settings in the viewer, you can use the Reset Preview Pane item on the ribbon bar.
A thumbnail view is also available from the ribbon bar. The toolbar on the viewer also allows you to send the selected file as an email attachment.
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