Annotations and Tokens

Annotations can be used to provide a shortcut to add standard text to a letter or a note.
Click on the Browse menu to View the listing of Annotations.
You can see there is already some pre-set annotations, but you also have the ability to add custom ones as well.
There are three sections.
Tick in the checkbox of choice. The list on the left shows the common name of the annotation or token, and the pane on the right shows the token itself and also what it will look like in the finished letter or note.
If you click inside the "View Custom USer Tokens" checkbox, you will allowed to add, edit or delete custom tokens. You cannot do this to the pre-set tokens. If you click on "Insert a new token / annotation" a form will appear as shown below.
In this example the common name that appears in the listing is "Yours Faithfully Tony York" It is purely descriptive.
Tokens MUST begin and end with the percentage sign '%' The token name in this case is YFTY and again is a simple descriptive name.
The text that you input below these fields will replace the token in your letter or notes. In this case it will add some final text at the end of a letter.
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