Associating Files to a Client

Apart from the standard PDF files the program creates for you, it can also associate other PDF files, and other types of document files, to a perticular client. This allows you to quickly refer to your clients documents when you need them. No delays or walks to the filing room, they are their at your fingertips.
Click on the "Client Files" tab.
You can see the standard PDF files are showing in the list in the right pane. You can double click on the line items and they will be opened for viewing and editing as required.
Click on the "Add an associated file to the list" button to display the form for adding files to be associated. You can add PDF files or other files like MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and the like.
The client Name is self populated.
The Filename can be selected by using the little button on the right hand side of the field. Once selected, it will populate the current location of the file, and also the prefered location (as setup in General Preferences)
The File Actions area allows you to do one of three functions -
Choose which action you wish.
There are then three checkboxs for other options you can set.
  1. Make the file the default correspondence outward file, so that letters sent to clients can be appended to the file.
  2. Display the file in the scanning window. If you wish this file to receive pages from docuemnts you may scan, then check this box.
3. Archive the document. If you wish to remove the document from the list, then check this box. It will not destroy the actual file.
Once saved it will appear in the clients listing. The list below displays some other files that can be associated (and thus viewed).
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