Create a New Standard Letter

Create a New Standard Letter
To create a new Stadard Letter click on the Browse menu and select Browse Standard Letters
The listing of the standard letters will appear and you need to click on the Add a new standard letter item in the ribbon bar.
A window will now appear that will allow you to compose your new standard letter. It uses the RTF format that is found in all of the popular word processing applications, so you can input files generated from these programs if you please.
Enter the Letter Name that will appear in the list of standard letters, and add text to the letter body. In the example above we have added a Date token, a full name and address token, a Salutation token, and the body of the letter ending in a token for the firms name. You can also place attributes on tokens, like the bold attribute on the firms name, to show it as bold in the letter when printed.
Click on the Save button to add the letter to the list.
If you prefer to add already existing text (in RTF or text format) use the "Open Folder" icon on the File group on the ribbon bar.
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