FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be kept updated with the answers to questions that have been commonly asked of us. If you do not find your answer here, please email us at, or use our contact page on our web site.
I cannot detect my scanner when I click on the "From Scanner" button
Most often this is caused by incompatible drivers.
1. First, you should make sure that you have installed the latest version of the drivers supplied by the manufacturer. Use their web site to check for more recent drivers.
2. Your scanner drivers should match the type of operating system you are running. If you are running a version of Windows that is 64bit, then your scanner drivers should have a 64bit version installed, and similarly on a 32bit operating system you need 32bit drivers installed. Bearing this in mind, if you have an older scanner that does not come with 64bit drivers, then we can offer a solution, but it will involve a version of the PDF engine that is older and may not have all of the features of the current version. Contact Fiscal Software if this is an issue.
3. In general scanner drivers come in two flavors. TWAIN and WIA. The TWAIN drivers offer the manufacturers interface to the scanner, whilst the WIA provides a generic interface, usually lacking in functionality. If your driver installation offers to install different drivers, make sure you select the TWAIN driver as this is the most preferable one.
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