Scan Documents

From this window, you can scan documents and allocate the pages to the relevant client. For instance, you could scan the daily mail received, and then go through the various pages and place the pages inside a specified clients pdf file. The mail is then on record and easily accessable for future reference.
There are three sections to this window. The ribbon bar at the top providing you with most of your actions, a left pane that displays the resultant scanned pages, and on the right is a list of all the clients's pdf files that you have determined should be visible and able to receive pages.
To Scan a document
  1. Load your scanner with the document you wish to scan
  2. Click on the "From Scanner" button on the small toolbar.
  3. When scanned the document will appear in the left pane, along with thumbnail images of each page.
To Copy pages to a client file
  1. Highlight the client file in the right hand pane
  2. Select a thumbnail(s) (the thumbnail will become highlighted). Use Ctrl Click or Shift Click for multiple selections.
  3. Click on the button "Copy to Client" found in the Ribbon Bar.
  4. If the box next to the "Copy to Client" button turns "Green" then you have sucessfully copied the pages. If it is "Red" then it has failed. The colour will return to "Pale" when ready for the next action.
If you have not yet added a client record, for which you wish to copy pages to, then click on the "Add a new client and std files" button on the toolbar to quickly add a new client and their standard pdf files. The files will appear in the listing straight away. You may need to edit the client record at a later time to add additional information that is not asked for during a quick insert.
Saving scanned pages to a file
Once the scanned pages have been displayed in the left pane, you can then save them to a file by clicking on the "Save Active Document" button on the ribbon bar.
Opening other pdf documents
You can open multiple files inside the left hand pane. You can open a pdf file that resides on your computer, by clicking on the "Open external pdf document" button on the ribbon bar. You can also open client pdf files (thoses listed in the right hand pane) by either double clicking on the list item, or by clicking on the "Open selected client pdf" button on the ribbon bar.
Filter documents
You may wish to filter the client list to only display a certain type of standard pdf file, like "Mail In". Just pick the standard file from the dropdown list box on the ribgbon bar to filter the records and make it more manageable.
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