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Scan Manager

Welcome to the Scan Manager Reference and Help Pages.
What is Scan Manager?
It is a simple to use document management system for use in professional, commercial and domestic situations. It provides the ability to scan, store and retrieve documents in the popular PDF format. Not only that, but it also gives you the ability to perform sophisticated editing tasks seen only in the expensive versions of other PDF tools.
Everyone will also appreciate the standard letter writing feature that will allow you to send and customise the standard letters that you send to clients or suppliers. Highly configurable, this feature will save hours of dictation, or manual input.
What is this Page?
This page is the main screen that allows you to view the various features of the product. Each page provides screen shots of that area in the program, and provides information on what you need to input, and on what tasks can be performed within the scope of that screen. The menu on the left allows you access to each main feature and sub topic beneath it.
New User? - It is MOST IMPORTANT that you read what is below.
It is important that when you first use the program that you perform the "First Time User" steps in the sequence noted in the menu on the left. These simple steps will allow you to get the most out of the program, and quickly.
Not everyone likes help pages, so if you prefer, there are video tutorials to be found on our web site that may make it easier for you to understand how to effectively setup and operate the program.
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