Sending Letters

You can send both standard and customised letters to your clients. We supply a set of letters suitable for accounting firms, but you can make your own just as easily.
Click on the Send Letters tab, and the window will retain the clients in the left pane, and will display the standard letter descriptions on the right.
The ribbon bar contains a number of options.
PDF Options
Printing a standard letter
Highlight the client in the left pane, and then highlight the standard letter in the right pane, and then click on the "Print the Standard Letter" button. Below is the result of the standard letter with the leaderhead included in the page.
Printing a customised letter.
Follow the steps above for the standard letter, except that you click on the "Print a Customised Letter" button. A window will appear and you can add the addition text or tokens within the letter body.
You will note that the last two lines were added to the letter by the user, and the resultant PDF is shown below. To print the letter click on the "Print Letter and Save to Client PDF".
There are also the usual formatting options available to change the look of your letter. You can also add tokens that will display the completed text on the fly.
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