Setup the Watch Folders

Click on the Watch menu and select the  "Folder Watch Setup" button.
The Watch Folder window will open.
Folder Options
You can add a new folder to be watched, edit the folder details, and remove a folder from being watched. There is a ribbon bar button for each of these functions under the "Folder Options" tab of the ribbon bar.
Folder Watch Status
The "Folder Watch Status" tab on the ribbon bar is headed by a display of the current status. In the image above it shows it as being inactive, that is, nothing is being watched.
Once you have selected a folder(s) to watch, you can then click on the "Start the watch process" button.
Add a new folder to be watched
Click on the "Add a new folder to be watched" button, and use the button on the right hand side of the field to open a windows dialog window to select a folder. Click the "Save" button to add it to the listing.
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