Starting a Watch Folder Servcie

Folder Watch Status
The "Folder Watch Status" tab on the ribbon bar is headed by a display of the current status. In the image above it shows it as being inactive, that is, nothing is being watched.
Once you have selected a folder(s) to watch, you can then click on the "Start the watch process" button. It should update the status to "Service Running".
NB: What to do if the status message continues to say that the "Service has not yet started"
We have found that in some situations, the Scan Manager cannot properly register the monitoring service, but you can do it yourself quite easily.
1. Go to the folder that you have Scan Manager installed into.
2. Look for the file called PDFMON.EXE and run it. It should bring up a window like the one below, and place a small lime green icon in the system tray.(like the one at the top left of the image below)
3. Click on the button "Install & Start Service" - NB: It may take a minute for the operating system to register and start the monitoring service, so do not worry if the screen does not change, or does not close to the system tray.
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