Watching Folders

You may wish to keep track of pdf files created by other programs. For instance, a tax preparation program may produce pdf files of income tax returns, and these are saved into a particuar folder. You may wish to have rapid access to these files for reference. Rather than wade through hundreds of files to find the right one, if you allocate the files to the respective clients list of associated files, it will make it so easy to view them whenever you wish.
To make this job easier, you can "watch" a folder, or number of folders to look out for new pdf files that have been created. The watch with alert you to which are new files and you can allocate them to clients from that procedure.
The actual watching is done by another associated program that runns as a service. That is, the watching program runs in the background and is not visible under normal operations. You do not need to interact with it, other than to start the service.
The results of the watched folder can be viewed from within Scan Manager.
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