Your Scanner

This program will work with any scanner, whether it be a flat bed, or a document feeder based machine. It will even work with multi function printers that have scanning capability.
In order for the program to detect the scanner, it must have a TWAIN based driver. This is the most common driver used, so most scanners should be compatible.
When you come to scan some documents, you will notice that the actual scanning interface (for settings etc) will be the default one that comes with your scanner. If you have multiple devices with scanning features, a different interface will display for each one. This is quite normal and allows for better integration.
We recommend a more professional scanner for office use, as it is both faster and comes with more configuration settings to help keep file sizes smaller. We use an Avision Duplex Color Scanner for all of our major testing, but we also test on low level scanners for compatibility.
It is also a good practice to make sure that your scanner driver matches your operating system. So on 64bit operating systems, you should install a 64bit scanner driver. If you are using a 64bit operating system, it maybe possible to use an old scanner that only comes with 32bit drivers, but you will need to contact Fiscal Software for additional file and assistance.
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